Ex-World Bank chief, former Republican official calls Trump 'dangerous'

Robert Zoellick, a former top Republican official in the Bush administration, warns that Donald Trump is a "dangerous" man whose personality and judgment make him unfit to become president. He also warns that the deepening split within the Republican Party after Trump's lewd comments about women could result in the loss of a Republican majority in the Senate and perhaps even in the House of Representatives on November 8.


Robert Zoellick is one of 50 top level former Republicans who have signed an open letter opposing Donald Trump's candidacy.

"On domestic policy, we have checks and balances and that can work out in some circumstances. But on foreign policy, where the president has a lot of authority, I considered his character and his behaviour to be dangerous", the former World Bank president told FRANCE 24's Marc Perelman.

The former top Republican official also criticised Donald Trump's "respect" for the behaviour of "strongman" personalities like Russian President Vladimir Putin as "fundamentally wrong".

Regarding the Republicans' slim majority in the Senate, Robert Zoellick said that this "could go either way" in November. "The more that Trump does badly, it'll hurt those candidates".

He predicted "75% odds for Hillary Clinton" being elected president - but warned that we are living in an "uncertain environment".

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