Ethiopian government unveils stricter rules under state of emergency

In tonight's edition: the Ethiopian government introduces stricter rules under the current state of emergency; DR Congo's top court approves the postponement of the presidential elections; and we look back at the life of the last king of Rwanda.


Ethiopia brings in heavy-handed measures under its state of emergency. Diplomats are banned from travelling much out of the capital, scrutiny of social media is tightened and security forces are ordered to stay close to home as the government ups its response to recent protests.

Also, DR Congo's top court approves the postponement of presidential elections that had been scheduled for next month. The new date is still to be set but the delay is likely to aggravate the country's political crisis.

And we return to the seat of power of Rwanda's last regent. After having spent over five decades in exile, King Kigeli V passed away before achieving his long-held dream of returning to his homeland.

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