UN memo casts doubt on some sex abuse allegations in Central African Republic

In this edition: a UN memo casts doubt on some sex abuse allegations levelled against peacekeepers and French troops in Central African Republic; leaders meet in Niger to discuss Libya; and protests and strikes hit DR Congo over a bid to delay the presidential vote.


A leaked draft of a UN memo suggests that dozens of allegations of sexual abuse by UN peacekeepers in Central African Republic may have been made up by people taking advantage of financial pay-offs. The body’s process of dealing with the abuse claims has long been criticised.

Also, the foreign ministers of several of Libya's neighbours meet in Niger to discuss a way forward in tackling security across the Sahel. The instability in Libya that followed the revolution of 2011 has had ramifications throughout the region.

And DR Congo's normally bustling capital is paralysed by a stay at home day called by the main opposition bloc, this in protest at plans to extend President Joseph Kabila's stay in power beyond the end of his term in December.

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