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Video: Iraqi troops screen villagers for IS group links in Mosul advance

FRANCE 24 | A terrified child waits for soldiers to screen her family.

Units of the Iraqi federal police moving in to a newly liberated village near the Islamic State (IS) group-held city of Mosul screened its residents for links to the jihadists. FRANCE 24 reports from the frontline in the battle for Mosul.


As the first vehicles moved into the village, residents approach waving white flags.

The locals are clearly shocked by the artillery bombardment that preceded the village’s liberation.

"We stayed hidden at home, we were afraid of the bombardments,” one woman said as she was herded towards the screening area. “I was afraid for my children."

The army has lists of potential IS group collaborators who they want to question before they can flee.

Soldiers accused one woman, who allegedly gave them a false name, of having a husband and brothers fighting with the jihadists, which she denied.

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