Belgian region defies EU over CETA free trade deal

The region of Wallonia in Belgium is holding out on signing a deal that heads of state from all of the EU's 28 countries say would boost business and create jobs. CETA, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement with Canada, was negotiated between 2009 and 2014 and was scheduled to be signed by October 27th.


The EU Commission says it would be the EU's most comprehensive trade deal to date, creating jobs, potentially boosting the EU's economy by 12 billion euros a year and Canada's by $9 billion annually. Wallonia’s President Paul Magnette says the main concern is the Investment Dispute system in the deal that sees a supranational court system set up.

Italy’s Europe Minister, Sandro Gozi, and the co-chair of the Greens in the EU Parliament, Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts, give us their opposing views on the deal.

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