More than 2,300 migrants evacuated from France's Calais 'Jungle'

Denis Charlet, AFP | Migrants arrive at an official meeting point set by French authorities as part of the full evacuation of the Calais "Jungle" camp, in Calais, northern France, on October 24, 2016.

Tensions were running high at the "Jungle" migrant camp in Calais on Monday as authorities began a major operation to evacuate the notorious shantytown and relocate migrants to alternative accommodation sites.

  • Migrants carrying suitcases and bundles of possessions started queuing in the early hours of the morning to be evacuated from the “Jungle”.
  • Dozens of buses were deployed to the camp to help transfer migrants to 450 different reception centres in regions across the country. France's Interior Ministry said 2,318 migrants had been evacuated by the end of the day, including some 400 minors.
  • The operation to clear the camp proceeded “in a calm and orderly manner”, according to French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve, despite fears of potential clashes between migrants and police.
  • Around 1,300 unaccompanied minors will remain in Calais, where they will be moved into temporary shelter on the edge of the “Jungle” after the camp is cleared.

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