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Military deploys across Kinshasa as Kabila stays on

In tonight's bulletin: streets stay calm in Kinshasa as President Kabila stays on after the end of his mandate, we take a look at the situation in the disputed region of Abyei in Sudan, and Madagascans are growing angry at an increasing Chinese presence.


People have stayed home across Democratic Republic of Congo, leaving troops to patrol ghost cities as tension peaks before President Joseph Kabila's official mandate ends with no election in sight.

Also, since an agreement was signed back in February, a fragile peace exists in the disputed territory of Abyei which lies between Sudan and South Sudan. But long-standing tensions between rival communities persist and many of those displaced by violence are still reluctant to return home.

And in Madagascar, hostility towards Chinese businesses is on the rise. The tensions have been sparked by protests over the reopening of a Chinese-operated gold mine.

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