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Syria's one-time commercial hub of Aleppo now a ghost town

This week, Aleppo has been in the spotlight again after repeated attempts to evacuate civilians from Syria's one-time economic hub. With the armed rebel opposition losing control of the city, we take a look at how four years of civil war have changed Aleppo. The former commercial hub is unrecognisable, as Luke Shrago reports.


We also focus on the assassination of Russia's ambassador to Turkey at a photo exhibition in Ankara. The gunman was an off-duty policeman, who shouted "don't forget Aleppo" as he pulled the trigger, and vowed to wage jihad. Laurent Berstecher and Anca Ulea explain.

Meanwhile, Julia Sieger tells us what's been trending across the region on social media. And finally, Luke Brown tells us more about a series of projects starting in the West Bank, and being run from Israeli-occupied Palestinian territories. 

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