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2017: A happy New Year ahead for the EU?

What kind of year will 2017 be for the EU? Three, maybe four, of its six founding nations are gearing up for elections: the Netherlands, France and Germany - and there could be snap elections in Italy in between. In all four countries, anti-EU and anti-establishment parties are gaining ground. So will 2017 put the anti-EU parties in power? Could it be the beginning of the end for the bloc?


Nationalism is rising as the EU struggles to find common answers to economic stagnation or refugees arriving. Terrorism is also weighing on European minds. Meanwhile, the year ahead should see the UK officially begin the process of leaving the bloc and in just a few weeks there will be a new president in the White House.

So all in all, a lot is on the EU agenda. Three experts from European think tanks give us their point of view.

A programme presented by Eve Irvine

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Eve Irvine

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