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Middle East matters

Iraq: On the ground with French troops in Mosul

This week, we follow French troops who are assisting Iraqi forces in Mosul. As the Iraqi and Kurdish forces consolidate areas retaken from the Islamic State group, French troops have been providing valuable training and advice. Meanwhile, other French soldiers concentrate on demining and learning as much as possible about the terrorist group. A team of France 2 reporters were on the ground during some of these operations.


Next, will Donald Trump move America's embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem? The status of Jerusalem is one of the most intricate issues in the Middle East. Palestinians consider East Jerusalem as the capital of their future state, while Israel claims the entire city as its capital. Haxie Meyers Belkin takes a look at a decision that could reverse years of US policy.

And we finish with one of the most historic deals of our time: the Iran nuclear accord. It saw international sanctions lifted against Tehran in exchange for limiting the country's nuclear programme. Today, a year on, it faces a minefield of challenges, including the incoming Donald Trump administration.

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