Video: Meet the US abortion foes in the heart of Trump country

Screengrab, Catholic parishioner Steve Janowiak speaks to FRANCE 24
Screengrab, Catholic parishioner Steve Janowiak speaks to FRANCE 24

Anti-abortion activists in the United States are set to stage a major annual march on Washington Friday, six days after women’s marches across the United States and around the world drew millions.


Vice President Mike Pence and top Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway are scheduled to speak at the 44th annual March For Life, marking the first time a vice president has ever spoken at the event, say organisers, reflecting the presence of a new ally for pro-life, or anti-abortion, crowd in the White House.

FRANCE 24 met some of the Americans who will make the trip to Washington in Wisconsin, in the heart of rural, industrial and religious America.

“[Former President Barack Obama] professes to be a Christian, but he is pro-choice. The two are not compatible,” John Wogerman, a parishioner at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin, and father of 13, tells FRANCE 24. “I don’t believe that you can be a Christian and follow Jesus Christ and kill babies in mothers’ wombs.”

Gallagher Fenwick and Philip Crowther report.

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