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#TECH 24

Next stop space: Japanese company constructing nanotube 'space lift'

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#THE 51%

The Gender Divide: Record number of women running in U.S. midterms

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Reporters: Brexit, a sea of uncertainty for fishermen

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Fishing in France's Grau du Roi harbour, a family tradition

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French education reforms under tight scrutiny

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FIAC 2018: Paris's one-stop shop for Contemporary Art collectors

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Semey Revisited: The legacy of nuclear testing in Kazakhstan

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UK filmmaker on fate of unaccompanied minors in Calais

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China's growth slows to lowest level since 2009

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Latest update : 2017-11-02

Macron's poetic gesture

MediaWatch looks at reactions to Banksy's latest offering. The street artist has marked the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, which laid the foundation for the creation of Israel, with a "royal" apology party in Bethlehem. Plus, the French president pens a poem to a British teenager - Emmanuel Macron securing the "entente cordiale" with a birthday verse for a fan of the Eiffel Tower.



2018-10-18 MediaWatch

India's #MeToo moment

We take a look at some opinion pieces reacting to India's #MeToo movement, its consequences and its obstacles.

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2018-10-17 MediaWatch

Brexit: 'The end isn't nigh'

The Brexit talks look set to continue between the UK and the EU. We take a look at cartoons, social media and press reactions.

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2018-10-16 MediaWatch

Reshuffle and a televised act of contrition for Macron

It took weeks but the moment did eventually come – French President Emmanuel Macron's long-awaited cabinet reshuffle was announced this morning. It was followed this evening by a...

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2018-10-15 MediaWatch

Fatal flooding in France

Three months' worth of rain, in just a few hours, led to deadly flooding in the south of France. Residents have captured scenes of deluge and destruction. Plus, Saudi Arabia says...

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2018-10-12 MediaWatch

Royal wedding fatigue?

Emmanuel Macron dusts off his dancing shoes at the Francophonie summit. The French president and his wife Brigitte seemed to enjoy their traditional Armenian experience. Plus,...

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