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Does Europe have a #MeToo problem?

Europe’s Gender Equality commissioner Vera Jourova speaks to FRANCE 24’s European Affairs Editor Catherine Nicholson about the movement that’s come to be known by its hashtag: “Me Too”. The recent revelations of sexual harassment, assaults, and impropriety have left no area of modern life untouched: From Hollywood to the halls of power, thousands of women and men are speaking up about the abuse they’ve suffered.


What can be done? Can European institutions and governments legislate against this kind of problem?

And beyond #MeToo – we explore a growing push for better rights for new dads, as French "papas back" a petition asking for six weeks’ paid paternity leave each time the stork makes a delivery.

Produced by Isabelle Romero, Anais Guerard and Roxane Runel.

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