Eye on Africa

South Africa's biggest trade union calls on Zuma to quit

In tonight's edition: pressure mounts on Jacob Zuma to leave power, thousands of refugees from South Sudan flee to Uganda and a theatre troupe in Kasserine is fighting extremism with laughter.


There’s a resurgence in calls for South African President Jacob Zuma to quit in the wake of last week's cabinet reshuffle. The replacement of the finance minister has seen confidence in the country's economy plummet.

Also, hundreds have become thousands. The number of South Sudanese refugees heading into Uganda sees a huge uptick as government forces reportedly kill civilians indiscriminately in the border town of Pajok. Juba denies the slaughter.

And people living in the troubled Tunisian region of Kasserine turn to theatre in a bid to show a different side to their community. They’ve long suffered from terror attacks and clashes between soldiers and extremists.

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