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Protests across South Africa: Thousands march to demand Zuma's resignation

In tonight's edition, thousands march across South Africa to demand Jacob Zuma's resignation; in Gambia, President Adama Barrow's party wins a comfortable majority in the legislative elections and we meet the Twa people, the often forgotten collateral victims of the Rwandan genocide.


The knives are out for South Africa's embattled president Jacob Zuma. Thousands of people have taken to the streets to demand he steps down.

And in Gambia, a sigh of relief for the country’s new president Adama Barrow, as the UDP party sweeps to victory following Thursday's parliamentary elections, clinching an absolute majority in the country's National Assembly.

Finally, Rwandans mark the 23rd anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Our correspondents meet the country's indigenous Twa people - often called the "forgotten victims" of the massacre.

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