Eye on Africa

Migrants being sold as 'slaves' in Libya, IOM reports

In tonight's edition, the International Organisation for Migration says migrants in Libya are being sold off as slaves, and the UN warns that aid funds are falling short in combatting a deepening food crisis in East Africa. Finally, the prosecution requests life in prison for five of the defendants in the 'Novotel captives' trial in Ivory Coast.


UN investigators in Libya speak to African migrants who say they are targeted by slave-traders. Victims are said to suffer extortion, abuse and some are even murdered.

And the UN warns that a massive funding shortfall is slowing down the critical response needed to combat the deepening hunger crises in Nigeria, Somalia and South Sudan.

And in Ivory Coast, the prosecution delivers its closing statement in the case of the 2011 post-election killings at Abidjan's Novotel.

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