Eye on Africa

Otodo Gbame residents forced to live on streets of Lagos

In tonight's edition: More than 8,300 migrants were saved from drowning in the Mediterranean Sea over the weekend. And our correspondents have been to meet the people thrown out of their homes in Otodo Gbame in Nigeria. Finally, Durban is trying to spruce up its city centre.


Rescue workers rush to the Libyan coast as a bout of good weather has prompted an uptick in the number of African migrants trying to cross the perilous waters to Europe. Thousands have been picked up by emergency vessels.

And in Lagos, thousands of people have been left homeless as the local government continues with its demolition policy despite a court order against it. Our correspondents report from Ototdo Gbame, which has been affected.

Finally, local authorities in Durban are trying to clean up the city’s image as some neighbourhoods have become notorious for their neglected buildings and violent gang wars. But it’s a makeover with a ways to go.

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