Duterte's bloody war on drugs resumes after brief break

Last month saw the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, resume his draconian war on drugs. The initial crackdown was suspended earlier this year after rogue police men kidnapped and murdered a South Korean businessman, resulting in a diplomatic fallout between the two countries. Dubbed "operation double barrel" by local authorities, an estimated 8,000 alleged drug users and dealers have been killed since the campaign was launched in July last year.


Some 2,500 people have been killed by the country’s police, others by vigilantes and criminals taking advantage of the current climate of impunity.

Despite human rights groups voicing their concerns amid a growing number of criminal allegations against the president himself, the mercurial leader remains popular with his peoples. According to a recent poll, as many as 85 percent support the measures used in the drug crackdown campaign, and many feel they have helped bring down the country’s crime rates over the past twelve months.

A programme prepared by Patrick Lovett and Aline Schmidt.

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