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Far-left Mélenchon refuses to pick sides in French presidential run-off

Bertrand Guay, AFP | The far-left French politician speaks to supporters in Paris on April 23, 2017.

Defeated French presidential election first-round candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon said on Friday he would not give any indication as to who his supporters should vote for in the May 7 run-off.


“Me, I will vote...but I am not going to tell you how,” Melenchon said in a video message posted on

“You don’t need me to know what you are going to do. I am not a guru, not a guide”.
Just under 20 percent of people who cast a vote in the first round picked Melenchon.

One poll on Friday by Odoxa showed that about 40 percent of those who voted for Melenchon in round one would vote for the centrist Emmanuel Macron, who is overall expected to win the second round with about 60 percent of the total vote.

Odoxa said his run-off rival, far-right leader Marine Le Pen would get 19 percent of the Melenchon first-round vote, while 41 percent of it would be abstentions, the poll said.


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