DR Congo: Christian sect members attack Kinshasa prison, free leader

In tonight's edition: Christian sect members break their leader out of jail in Kinshasa; the Red Cross has found over 100 bodies in Bangassou in Central African Republic after a militia attack; and we hear from the children in Togo who have lost their parents to AIDS.


Dozens of inmates break out of a prison in Kinshasa after supporters of a self-styled prophet of a Christian sect attack the building to free him.

Also, around 115 people have reportedly been killed in violence centered around the Central African Republic mining town of Bangassou. Days of militia attacks mark an escalation in conflict between the mainly Muslim Seleka fighters and Christian anti-Balaka vigilante groups.

And Sub-Saharan Africa is the region most affected by AIDS in the world. Around a fifth of children in West Africa have lost at least one parent to the disease. We head to Togo to meet some kids struggling to move forward without their family.

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