Victims of Burkina Faso's 2014 crackdown still waiting for justice

In this week's edition: Victims of Burkina Faso's 2014 crackdown on protesters are still waiting for justice; we meet with children in Togo who have lost their parents to AIDS; and the Instagram project "Everyday Africa" is transformed into a book and photo exhibition.


In Burkina Faso, the suspension of the trial in absentia of former president Blaise Compaoré and his cabinet is a worrying development for those hoping he'll be held to account for a fatal crackdown on protesters in 2014.

Also, Sub-Saharan Africa is the region most affected by AIDS in the world. Around a fifth of children in West Africa have lost at least one parent to the disease. We head to Togo to meet some of the kids struggling to move forward without their family.

And a photography exhibition in Kenya is putting seldom-celebrated moments of African life centre frame. "Everyday Africa" focuses on the little moments at the heart of the continent's communities. 

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