Former minister accused of role in murder of two UN investigators in DR Congo

In tonight's edition: the investigation into the killing of two UN experts and their interpreter in DR Congo takes a new turn; one person was displaced every second by conflict or a natural disaster last year; and our correspondent attends a music festival in South Sudan, a rare sight in the country.


The investigation into the gruesome murder of two UN experts and their interpreter in DR Congo back in March takes a new turn, as two suspects face trial on war crimes charges.

Also, one person was forced from their home every second of last year to escape conflict and natural disaster around the world, but DR Congo was the worst effected with 922,000 internally displaced people, according to a report.

And the Han-aga festival brings music and hope to the South Sudanese capital of Juba, drawing local artists from different ethnic groups together onto the same stage in a show of solidarity.

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