EU health check: Should the EU increase cross-border care?

Since the end of 2013, EU citizens have had the right to cross-border healthcare. They can choose to get treatment either in their home country or travel to any other EU state, where their care will be reimbursed. And it’s not just patients crossing borders, but doctors and expertise too. Last year the European Commission approved 24 networks of experts and healthcare providers organised across the bloc - getting them to share diagnosis, treatment and care.


And yet discrepancies between EU member states are clear: life expectancy in Latvia is almost a decade less than in Spain. Survival rates for breast cancer have increased in most countries but remain lower in the UK and Ireland. So should EU citizens benefit from a common health policy? To what extent is EU healthcare actually crossing our borders?

Presented by Eve Irvine.

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Anais Guérard.

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