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Afghanistan's new TV channel by and for women

By: Joanna COCKERELL | Mariam SAAB | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

In Afghanistan, watching women on TV is nothing out of the ordinary. But a channel run by women for women is something new, especially in a society dominated by men. Operating out of Kabul on a shoestring budget, Zan TV is the country's first channel dedicated entirely to women. It's hoping to give women's issues a more prominent platform in conservative Afghanistan.


Meanwhile, India's rickety rail system is on track to get a $100 billion safety overhaul. Overcrowding, trainsurfing and unsafe crossings have led to the deaths of thousands of commuters each year. 

Finally, potato chip lovers in Japan are feeling a different kind of crunch. The popular snack is out of stock in many supermarkets after typhoons battered potato harvests last year.

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