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The movement of Biafrans in Nigeria aims for political representation

In this week's edition, a new separatist group aims for political representation in Biafra, the newly published book "Apartheid, guns and money" sheds light on France's role in weapons trafficking with South Africa, and we meet chef Mick Elysée who’s headed back to his native DR Congo to teach young cooks what he learned in Europe.


Tensions between separatists and central government are high in parts of south eastern Nigeria. Many Biafran separatists accuse the government or marginalising and persecuting them. We hear from some of the independence activists at the heart of the standoff with Abuja.
France’s role in weapons trafficking is examined in a new book that lifts the lid on the global back room deals struck to finance apartheid in South Africa prior to 1994.
And we meet the Franco-Congolese chef who - after 2 decades making a name for himself in Europe - returns to the DRC to share his skills with the next generation of Congolese food-enthusiasts.


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