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Labour narrows gap with Tories ahead of legislative vote

France 24 screen grab

John Curtice, a politics professor of Strathclyde University in Glasgow, told FRANCE 24 that there are several reasons why Labour is narrowing the Tories’ lead in the run-up to Thursday’s legislative vote.


Prime Minister Theresa May has failed “to impress the electorate”, Curtice said, noting that the Conservative platform is “actually relatively unpopular – it’s quite an austere message”. Meanwhile, “point for point”, Labour proposals have proved to be more popular.

Recent reversals on the part of the prime minister have also undercut her overall message of being a “strong and stable leader”, Curtice observed. May backtracked on her plans for limiting care funding for older Britons following a public outcry, with Labour successfully dubbing one of her more controversial proposals the “Dementia Tax”.

Curtice said that while Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn himself is "deeply controversial" and has been maligned in the past as "incompetent" by his MP colleagues, he "has had a good election” so far. He campaigned reasonably well and has "done at least as good a job as the prime minister”, Curtice said, prompting many to change their minds about him.

Labour is still trailing in the polls, but Curtice said the crucial point now is that May can no longer count on winning a large majority in parliament.

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