As it happened: Suicide bombers and gunmen strike Iranian capital, multiple casualties

Screen shot from Iranian State Television showing the parliament building in Tehran, which came under attack on June 7, 2017.

Gunmen and suicide bombers carried out coordinated attacks on Iran's parliament and the mausoleum of revolutionary founder Ruhollah Khomeini on Wednesday, killing at least a dozen people.

  • The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the attacks on Iran's capital, Tehran, through its propaganda outlet. It was the first attack in Iran claimed by the group.
  • According to Iranian state media, 13 people were killed and another 43 wounded in twin assaults.
  • The attacks were carried out by several gunmen and suicide bombers.
  • Five suspects have been arrested in connection with the attacks.
  • The legislature was under siege for several hours, and ended with four attackers dead, the AP reported.
  • Wednesday’s attacks come less than a month after moderate President Hassan Rouhani was re-elected in a landside victory.
  • The Sunni jihadists of the IS group consider Iran’s Shiite population to be apostates. Iran is deeply involved in the battle against the group in both Syria and Iraq.

Read our blog, below, to see how the day's events unfolded.


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