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Suspected gas cylinder blast kills 42 on Zimbabwe bus

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Theresa May soldiers on; Israel political turmoil; France fuel protests

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'New right', old ideas? A closer look at the far right in Germany

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Art Deco: France's love affair with the Roaring Twenties

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#THE 51%

India's vanishing women workers

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Reporters: An outside view of France's Fifth Republic

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#TECH 24

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

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The Land of the Rising Sun comes to La République

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Concerts Without Borders: Making classical music accessible

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Latest update : 2017-06-09

Could Mars be our Planet B?

As humans continue to ravage Earth, is it time to consider other planets as an alternative home? NASA and a host of private organisations - including Elon Musk's SpaceX - are in the race to send people to the red planet, with the earliest projections earmarked for within the next decade. But if we successfully land on Mars, how long could we live there?

Lucie Poulet, a French researcher who spent six months surviving in Mars-like conditions on a remote volcano in Hawaii, says the idea of living on Mars remains pure science fiction for the moment. She believes we would be wiser to use space exploration to make our lives more sustainable on Earth.

By Juliette LACHARNAY , Mairead DUNDAS , Marina BERTSCH , Mégane VERDIER



2018-11-09 DOWN TO EARTH

Malta's quest to quench its thirst

Malta is surrounded by water, and yet it is one of the most water-stressed countries in the world. The small Mediterranean island has no permanent rivers or lakes and gets an...

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2018-10-26 DOWN TO EARTH

Deforestation: The hidden soy on your plate

It’s the main ingredient in tofu, plant-based milk and veggie burgers. Today the popularity of soy foods is booming, especially among vegetarians. Except meat eaters unwittingly...

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2018-10-12 DOWN TO EARTH

Can citizen action stop climate change?

When it comes to the environment, a growing number of citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Whether it's becoming a vegetarian, cycling to work or buying groceries in...

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2018-09-28 DOWN TO EARTH

Balkan dam boom: Saving the Blue Heart of Europe

Nearly 3,000 hydropower projects are planned across the Balkan Peninsula, threatening some of Europe’s most pristine ecosystems. This region is nicknamed the "Blue Heart of...

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2018-09-14 DOWN TO EARTH

Climate change: A bitter taste for Bordeaux wine

As world temperatures soar, Bordeaux wine could be in danger, threatening more than 14,000 winegrowers and the production of 600 million litres of the world-famous French wine.

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