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East African leaders push warring sides in South Sudan to revive peace

In tonight's edition: in the second part of our South Sudan series, our correspondents report from rebel-held Kajo Keji; in South Africa, former opposition leader Helen Zille apologises for a tweet she posted in March in which she praised aspects of colonialism; and the government in Sudan steps up border patrols to curb people smuggling.


As East African leaders vow to do what they can to bring warring sides in South Sudan's ongoing civil war to the negotiating table once again, we head behind rebel lines for the second report in our correspondent's special on the country’s armed crisis.

Also, in South Africa, the former leader of the top opposition party apologises unreservedly for a controversial tweet in which she praised some aspects of colonialism. Helen Zille also steps back from all leadership roles in the Democratic Alliance.

And Sudan steps up border patrols to head off the growing number of Eritreans trying to make it across the border. Many hope to risk a journey to Europe but leave themselves vulnerable to people smugglers.

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