Modern-day slaves: Europe's fruit pickers

Every year in southern Europe, five million tonnes of fruit and vegetables are harvested for supermarket shelves. But those supermarkets are seeking ever lower prices, and are using the influx of migrants and illegal seasonal workers to cut costs. Our reporters went to meet the few workers brave enough to speak out against this illegal system - and the people who try to help those who have become modern-day slaves.


If you check the labels on your fruit and vegetables, many of them are likely to say “Produce of Spain” or “Produce of Italy”. But some of those goods are being picked by desperate migrants being exploited by unscrupulous companies. In Spain, many pickers have fake contracts and no social security. In Italy, many of them are in fact taking orders from the Mafia. FRANCE 24’s reporters went to investigate the shocking conditions these migrants are forced to work under.

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