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Frustration mounts over state of economy in Nigeria

In this week's edition: frustration mounts in Nigeria over the state of the economy; Cameroonian students pass their end-of-year exams under police surveillance; and we return to Ouagadougou's Cappuccino café, which has reopened 18 months after being hit by a terrorist attack.


Protests and impatience: even as the Nigerian government hopes that the worst of its economic woes may be over, on the ground frustration is growing as inflation hikes continue to hit business hard.

Also, after months of tensions in Cameroon's English-speaking regions, students are sitting their end-of-year exams in fear and under heavy police surveillance. Anglophone communities have staged strikes and accuse the government of marginalizing them.

And we revisit the Cappuccino bar in Ouagadougou, which is finally reopening its doors, a year and a half after a terrorist attack which left dozens dead. 

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