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DR Congo authorities find ten more mass graves in Kasai

In tonight's edition: ten more sites of mass graves are found in DR Congo's Kasaï region; 46 years on, anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol's case is finally reopened; and in Algiers’s Kasbah there are no garbage trucks but instead, donkeys shift tons of trash every day.


Several Congolese soldiers seen shooting at civilians in central Kasaï will not face war crimes charges, much to the disappointment of the UN. This comes as at least ten more mass grave sites are found in a region where thousands are thought to have perished in recent unrest.

Also, South African authorities declared anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol's death a suicide in 1971 but his family never believed it. Now, 46 years on, his case is finally being reopened.

And it’s a tough job with rubbish pay. We meet the beasts of burden hauling trash through the streets of Algiers’s old town. It's a lifetime of work, with no reward at the end.

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