Eye on Africa

Tensions grow between Senegalese fishermen and Mauritania's coastguard

In tonight's edition: Africa is among the top issues on the agenda at the G20 summit in Hamburg. Also, in Rwanda, Amnesty denounces a "climate of fear", a few weeks before presidential elections. And we bring you an exclusive report from Senegal, where tensions between fishermen and the Mauritanian coastguard are growing.


Africa figures high on the agenda at the G20 Summit in Hamburg, as world leaders discuss support and investment for the continent, in order to discourage thousands of people from risking their lives to reach Europe.

Also, Amnesty International warns of a "climate of fear" in Rwanda ahead of presidential elections on August 4. The country's electoral commission has meanwhile disqualified three candidates from the presidential race.

And we bring you an exclusive report on Senegalese fishermen who say they face increasing dangers while working. This comes after an agreement expired with neighbouring Mauritania.

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