Norway's 'troll penis' rock re-erected

Oslo (AFP) –


Norway's "troll penis" -- a phallic-looking rock formation that made international headlines after it was apparently lopped off by unknown vandals -- was standing back up to attention as of Friday.

With the help of some scaffolding, the rude-looking protuberance -- weighing in at about 12 tonnes -- was hoisted up and then securely fastened to the cliff-face from which it had previously jutted in southwest Norway, television images showed.

The "Trollpikken" was discovered at the foot of its usual position two weeks ago, with grooves in the rock that pointed to an act of vandalism.

A crowdfunding site quickly raised the 227,000 kroner($27,000, 24,000 euros) needed to restore it to its former glory.

Despite the rock formation's new-found notoriety, tourists will have to wait another week to go and gawp at the Trollpikken, in order to give the glue, cement and metal fastenings time to seal properly.

Norwegian police have questioned a suspect over the incident.