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Pierre Moscovici: 'France is capable of reforming itself'

Our special guest is Pierre Moscovici, the EU Commissioner for Economic and Financial Affairs. The former French finance minister believes that the economic reforms wanted by the new French president and government "can be done and must be done". He says the idea that French people are resistant to change is "a bit of a cliché" and insists that France "is capable of reforming itself". He also touches on tax havens, the EU-Japan free trade deal and the Brexit negotiations.


Asked about the relationship between the two largest European powers, Pierre Moscovici points out that “Germany can invest more”. He sees "a kind of grand bargain with France on the one hand reducing its deficit, reforming its economy and society and Germany on the other agreeing to deepen eurozone integration and that means politically as well".

"In the end, there could be a eurozone budget dedicated to investment and fighting unemployment, there should be a minister of finance for the eurozone who would be a Commissioner, plus a eurozone parliament", the EU Commissioner told FRANCE 24.

Presented by Eve Irvine

Produced by Anais Guerard and Sadia Mandjo

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