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Brexit bounty: Paris expecting financial jobs influx as UK leaves EU

The battle is heating up to become the EU's new financial centre after Brexit. Paris has been lagging behind rival cities like Frankfurt in attracting jobs after the UK leaves the European Union. To boost the efforts, the French prime minister has announced changes to tax and labour laws aimed at tempting more businesses to move in. Stephen Carroll spoke to Paris Europlace chief Gérard Mestrallet at their annual gathering of international financiers.


Also in this programme:

  • The French government's spending plan has left people wondering whether or not Paris will be able to bring its budget deficit under EU limits.
  • Social networks like Instagram have become a key marketing tool for companies, no matter what their size. But while the big brands might focus more on communicating directly with their customers, for small enterprises, it's the best way to show off their products to an international audience. 

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