Brazil court dismisses Lochte lying charges

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) –


A Brazilian court dismissed charges of lying filed against Ryan Lochte after the US swimmer claimed that he was robbed at gunpoint during the 2016 Rio Olympics.

The six-time Olympic gold medalist made headlines around the world - and deeply embarrassed organizers - when he claimed that he and three other US swimmers were robbed after a night of revelry.

Brazilian police later determined, in part based on surveillance video, that Lochte had largely fabricated the story.

Lochte was then charged with false crime report.

A Rio de Janeiro appeals court on Friday threw out that case after determining that Lochte's robbery claim, made in a TV interview, did not rise to the level of filing a false crime report.

Police had already started their probe and they came to court to complain after the interview, a panel of judges said.

Local media however said that prosecutors can appeal the ruling, and added that Lochte still faces other charges in Brazilian courts.

Lochte was banned from swimming for 10 months, a suspension that ended on June 30.