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Margrethe Vestager: 'Google has to follow European rules'

It's another record-breaking ruling from the European Commission. Margrethe Vestager, the EU Commissioner for Competition, has fined US search giant Google 2.4 billion euros for breaching EU anti-trust rules. What’s more, she has given the company until mid-September to changes its practices or it could face more monetary penalties. Supporters of the move say it is a win for small to medium-sized companies, while critics say the decision could stifle innovation.


Margrethe Vestager joins us from Brussels to explain the reasons behind the move. "In Europe we congratulate you when you have success but when it becomes dominant then of course it is very difficult for other companies to do anything. So the dominant company gets a special responsibility not to misuse this strength that it has been given by the consumers." Companies must, she says, apply a principal of equal treatment.

Presented by Eve Irvine

Produced by Isabelle Romero and Sadia Mandjo

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