UN adds Syrian armed groups to sanctions blacklist

United Nations (United States) (AFP) –


The UN Security Council on Thursday added two armed groups in Syria, two money exchange businesses and four individuals to a sanctions blacklist for their alleged ties to the Islamic State group and Al-Qaeda.

The eight names were contained in an annex to a US-drafted resolution on combating terrorism that was adopted unanimously by the council.

Two groups fighting in Syria - the IS-linked Jaysh Khalid Ibn al Waleed and Jund Al Aqsa, which has been recently tied to IS after initial ties to the Al-Qaeda-linked Al Nusrah Front- were put on the sanctions list.

Jaysh Khalid Ibn al Waleed is active in southern Syria while fighters from Jund Al Aqsa were pushed out of Idlib province earlier this year and are now operating in the IS stronghold of Raqa.

Both are considered minor players in Syria's six-year conflict which has become increasingly complex, involving a myriad of jihadist groups.

The Hanifa Money Exchange Office, located in Albu Kamal, Syria was also listed as was the Selselat al-Thahab money exchange business based in Syria, which is accused of moving money on behalf of Islamic State.

Two individuals who have operated in Indonesia -- Oman Rocham and Muhammad Bahrun Naim Anggih Tamtomo, who is now Syria-based -- were cited for taking part in terror attacks.

Two men who have been active in Russia's Caucasus region and in Syria -- Malik Ruslanovich Barkhanoev and Murad Iraklievich Margoshvili -- were also added to the sanctions list.

Currently there are 252 individuals and 76 entities on the UN sanctions list for alleged ties to IS and Al-Qaeda, who have been hit by an assets freeze and a global travel ban.