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South Africa's 'Guptaleaks': New website aims to reveal extent of 'state capture'

In tonight's edition: hopes for an HIV cure are revived after doctors announce that a South African child is in remission; three South African media outlets launch a common website to reveal the full extent of the Guptas' "state capture"; and Teodorin Obiang is facing new judicial woes.


Doctors reveal that a child in South Africa has been effectively "cured" of AIDS. Eight and a half years after coming off anti-retroviral drugs, the child remains symptom-free. This comes as an International AIDS conference in Paris urges the US not to stop funding research.

Also, with three South African news organisations coming together to launch Guptaleaks.com, we cross to Johannesburg to discuss just how much undue influence the wealthy Gupta family exerts on South African politics.

And legal troubles mount for the son of Equatorial Guinea's president. First accused of spending public cash on luxury goods in France, Teodorin Obiang now also stands accused in Switzerland of failing to pay an architect one million euros. 

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