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Venezuelan mothers flee to Colombia to give birth

By: Claire Pryde | Joanna COCKERELL | Sonia BARITELLO | Stéphanie CHEVAL
1 min

In Venezuela, as the economic and political crisis worsens, a growing number of women is heading to neighbouring Colombia to give birth. They try to flee the shortage of medecine and food back home, as well as violence. This as giving birth in Venezuela has become a matter of life and death. Under-equipped hospitals make the risk of dying whilst giving birth greater.


But first, we take a look at the White House staff's turnover rate. Donald Trump has been shaking up his administration with a series of high-profile staff changes.

And there is a lot of excitement in the US in the lead up to August 21st's solar eclipse. The sun will be completely blocked out for two minutes over a 110 kilometer-wide area, with millions of people expected to look up at the sky.

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