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Eye on Africa

Top Somalia jihadist turns himself over to government

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In tonight's edition: A Somali insurgent leader defects to government, and Sierra Leone has appealed for urgent help after deadly floods hits its capital. We also take a look at the world's biggest basilica, located in Ivory Coast.


The former deputy leader of Somali extremist group al Shabaab has defected to the government. Mukhtar Robow, who was also the spokesman for the militant Islamist group, is now calling for others to follow his lead.

Also, the death toll following mudslides in Sierra Leone has climbed to over 400. Sunday night's disaster devastated Freetown and the difficult search for survivors continues.

And finally to the biggest church in the world. The Basilica of our Lady of Peace was the vanity project of Ivory Coast's first president. But despite the hundreds of millions of dollars spent on the monument, it seldom draws the crowds it is capable of holding.

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