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Why some Iranian women are defying hijab rules in the car

The hijab debate is heating up in Iran. Wearing it has been compulsory for women in public since 1979. But today, a growing number of them are refusing to comply with the rule while driving. The big question is whether a car is a private space where women can dress more freely. And according to authorities in the Islamic Republic, that is not the case. Our correspondent Reza Sayah reports from Tehran.


But first, a stand-off between the residents of al-Warraq Island and police forces is underway in Cairo. Egyptian authorities have ordered the demolishment of some 700 houses. Our correspondents speak to inhabitants on the ground.

And the latest app taking the internet by storm hails from Saudi Arabia. The anonymous messaging tool Sarahah, which means "honesty" in Arabic, has 18 million users. While some say it's practical for interacting with acquaintances, critics have raised the alarm about trolling.

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