Paris 2024 chiefs vow 'transparent' Olympics

Lima (AFP) –


Paris 2024 Olympic bid chiefs pledged full transparency in planning the Games on Sunday, shrugging off the corruption scandals buffeting the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ahead of high-level meetings in Lima.

Paris is set to be formally confirmed as the hosts of the 2024 Olympics during a rubber-stamp vote on Wednesday which will also see Los Angeles awarded the 2028 Olympics.

The Lima meetings come just days after the IOC was rocked by a fresh wave of corruption allegations, with top Brazilian official Carlos Nuzman accused bribing officials at a 2009 vote which gave the 2016 Olympics to Rio de Janeiro.

Paris bid co-chairman Tony Estanguet said the French bid was mindful of public criticism that had forced several other bid cities out of the running in the race for the 2024 games.

"We want to highlight the fact that from day one we have this responsibility to be as transparent as possible," Estanguet said in response to a question about the latest IOC graft scandal.

"We all know what happened to different bids in Europe and the objective of this team has been to promote the best values of the Olympics. I am sure it will be of great benefit to France and the population.

"We will continue to stand for those values, to fight and to make sure that the Olympics remain this fantastic event."

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo emphasised that transparency in planning for the games was a priority.

"In our cities today when you use public money you need to explain what you do with this money," Hidalgo said.

"Transparency is very important. For me I'm not an athlete I'm a politician and we need to have trust and confidence with our citizens. In our team (transparency) was very strong and it will be in the future of course."

Estanguet meanwhile cited a poll published on Sunday in the French weekly newspaper Journal du Dimanche which found that public support for Paris 2024 was running at 83 percent.

"There is a big expectation for France," Estanguet said. "French people are supportive of Paris 2024 and really want to be part of it."