The fight to end child marriage in Lebanon

In Lebanon, there's no legal minimum age for marriage. Some laws allow girls younger than 15 to marry. According to UNICEF, 6 percent of girls in the country get married before their 18th birthday. These numbers have increased with the influx of Syrian refugees, some one million of them. Maya El Ammar from KAFA, an organisation that's fighting to bring an end to violence and exploitation of young women, joins FRANCE 24 this week.


Meanwhile in Yemen, the conflict shows no signs of abating anytime soon. A Saudi-led coalition began pounding the Houthi movement in 2015. Two and a half years later, there's been little shift in the balance of power in the country: between the Shiite militia and the authorities. Increasingly, the finger is pointed at the international community for a war that's claimed some 10,000 lives.

Finally, more than five million people have fled Syria since the civil conflict began in 2011. Yet for tens of thousands escaping bloodshed elsewhere, such as Somalia and Iraq, Syria is also a place of refuge.


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