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Kurdish independence referendum: What impact on the region?

In this special edition, we bring you exclusive reports and analysis ahead of the Kurdish independence referendum, due to take place on September 25. The 6 million-strong Kurdish population in Iraq has long sought its independence. This is one of their first official opportunities to voice their dream. But the vote has been heavily criticised by officials in Iraq, across the region and even further afield, in the United States.


Although Kurds are bracing themselves for an uncertain future, one thing is for sure: the vote has been divisive both within Iraq and on the international stage. We bring you the pros and cons of this contentious independence referendum.

One of the regional countries flexing its muscles against the Kurdish referendum is Turkey. Our correspondents on the ground delve into why Ankara has even threatened to take all necessary steps.

Finally, Renad Mansour, who's a Middle East Research fellow at Chatham House, gives us his analysis on the Kurdish vote.

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