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Video: Why more retired Germans are returning to work

@FRANCE 24 screen grab

Many German pensioners are finding life difficult after retirement as pensions often barely cover living costs, leaving more and more retirees with no choice but to return to work.


Although the average monthly German pension is 1,100 euros, in many cases it's much less.

Nearly 1 million retirees have been forced back into the workplace. Among them is Petra Serag, a former nurse, who took time off her career to have children and now lives on just 748 euros per month.

“At the end of the month it’s always very, very tight," Serag says. "I find it humiliating because I’ve worked so hard and today I’m in a situation where I sometimes can’t even afford to buy butter.”

Despite their country's economic success, more and more German retirees are being left behind.

Anne Mailliet and Jessica Saltz report from Berlin on a crisis brewing for Germany's pensioners, where they meet those forced to return to paid work to make ends meet.

Click on the player above to watch the report.

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