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Ugandan MPs fight in parliament for second day over presidential age limit

In tonight's edition: Ugandan MPs fight for a second day in parliament over presidential age limits; Human Rights Watch accuses Cameroon of deporting 100,000 Nigerian refugees; and trade unions in South Africa organise nationwide protests against corruption.


"They humiliated us like animals and beat us like slaves". Cameroon is accused of forcibly repatriating around 100,000 Nigerian refugees. Human Rights Watch claims that some were tortured before being loaded onto trucks and illegally sent back.

Also, Ugandan opposition MPs fight tooth and nail against efforts to change the constitution, this time literally. For the second day running, brawling erupts in parliament. Nevertheless, a motion is passed to advance a bid to remove age limits to the presidency.

And anti-corruption marches across South Africa have Jacob Zuma in their sights. The rallies are organised by the country's biggest union ahead of the December leadership vote for the ANC. Demonstrators believe the president and his circle of influence are synonymous with graft.

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