NBA league's lottery reforms target tanking teams

New York (AFP) –


The National Basketball Association took measures Thursday to address the problem of teams losing games on purpose late in the season to try and get a higher draft pick.

The board of governors approved the draft lottery reform to reduce the chances of teams tanking to land one of the top three selections.

The approved reform, which easily surpassed the required three-quarters majority that was needed, will have the teams with the three worst records each having a 14 percent chance at landing the number one overall pick.

Under the current format, the team with the worst record has a 25 percent chance, followed by 19 percent for the second-worst record and 15 percent for the third.

A fourth team will be part of the lottery draw and it will have a 12 percent chance at landing the top pick.

The team with the worst record can pick no lower than fifth.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver was also given the power to slap teams with a hefty fine for sitting healthy players.

The player rest proposal prohibits healthy players from being rested for any high-profile nationally televised game.

A violation of the policy will be viewed as conduct detrimental to the NBA and result in a fine of at least $100,000.