Nobel committee salutes 'emotional force' of Kazuo Ishiguro's writing

The jury’s in: 2017's Nobel Prize for literature has been awarded to Kazuo Ishiguro. The British novelist - best known for his 1989 Man Booker Prize-winning novel "The Remains of the Day" - moved to the UK from Japan as a child. Ishiguro has been hailed by critics for the delicate handling of memory and psychological intrigue in his novels. On receiving the prize, the author said he hopes "this huge honour will, even in a small way, encourage the forces for goodwill and peace at this time".


The Director of the American Library in Paris, Jeffrey Hawkins, tells us more about this Nobel choice. We also check out a new pop art exhibition in Paris featuring icons of the movement, and take a peek into Yves St Laurent’s former workspace which has just opened its doors to the public.

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